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Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory

See the high voltage special effects devices used in the vintage movies live onstage arcing, sparking and throwing spectacular electrical bolts just as they did on the set when originally filmed.

Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory 2018 with proff sparks bio (pdf)


Overview of the Show

Can you identify all of the films that these devices were used in? Frankenstein (1931), The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and many more including Young Frankenstein (1974). 

Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory Highlights

Highlights from Louisiana Steampunk Festival 

Miss Electra in 15,000 volt Electric Chair

Miss Electra in Electric Chair

Tesla Coil

Half Million Volt Tesla coil - Electricity through Professor Lighting the Stage

Half Million Volt Tesla coil - Electricity through Professor Fragmentizing objects

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